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Favourite watering cans 2019

Often, you have limited space in your home for storage so it’s always nice to find pieces that are both functional and can be used as decor. We love these picks for watering cans because they match a wide variety of decor styles and look great on your shelf or out on display and there’s […]

Neon pothos in Modern Plant Life marble concrete planter

Neon pothos care

Pothos can be an unglamorous plant as it is so common, but this neon variety makes quite the eye catching statement. Like all pothos, it’s fairly easy to care for and super easy to propagate so before buying one yourself, ask around if any of your friends can spare some clippings. Water: Pothos can typically […]

Plant care: Air plants aka tillandsia

Air plants are one of my favourite type of plants to gift as they are fairly low maintenance plants and even the most inexperienced plant parent can learn to care for them. The biggest misconception about air plants is that they don’t need anything to grow. Since they look fake, people tend to forget about […]

Aloe 'Pink Blush'

Aloe ‘Pink Blush’ care

This pretty aloe hybrid is a succulent from the aloe family that is speckled with touches of pink. This easy to care for plant is a nice change from the more common aloe vera. Sun – Bright indirect sunlight to direct sunlight. Soil –This succulent needs well draining soil. Recommend using a cactus soil or […]

Plant care – crassula coccinea “campfire”

The crassula coccinea campfire is a gorgeous succulent, known for it’s bright red colour when it’s happy and healthy. It likes lots of sunlight however, if it doesn’t get enough sunlight, you’ll find that it’s bright red colour will start to fade. This succulent grows with stacked layers and will continue to grow up rather […]

macrame hanging plant holders

Top 10 “dangling” hanging plants

Although I love to put everything from cactus, to air plants, to flowers  in our hanging macramé plant holders, they do look quite striking with a plant that has leaves that dangle down. Here are some of my favourite “dangling” plants that look great hung up. Tradescantia zebrina Burros tail This succulent needs indirect sunlight […]

Sansevieria cylindrica aka cylindrical snake plant

The Sansevieria cylindrica looks like it’s the beautiful child of a snake plant and lucky bamboo. It grows in long straight “poles” that are often braided. This is a hardy and resilient plant that will thrive even when ignored. It’s another one of those “impossible to kill” plants. This is another plant that can quite […]

Monstera deliciosa aka Swiss cheese plant

Monstera deliciosa is also known as a swiss cheese plant because of it’s characteristic slits and holes. This tropical plant is native to southern Mexico and Panama. This plant is fairly easy to grow inside and with proper care, it will reward you with lots of slits and holes. Sun – A lot of bright […]

Plants for cat lovers

If you think that you can’t let your inner plant parent shine because you’re sharing your home with a furry cat baby, you can try introducing one of these low maintenance, and budget friendly plants into your home. Friendly reminder that although these plants are non-toxic to your cat, it’s probably not great for your […]

Tradescantia zebrina – aka Inch plant

The tradescantia zebrina is commonly referred to as an Inch plant, a wandering Jew (or wandering dude). This is another hard to kill plant that makes quite the statement in a hanging basket. It’s shimmery green leaves are a sharp contrast against it’s rich purple underside. This plant is ridiculously easy to propagate. You really only […]