Tradescantia zebrina – aka Inch plant

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The tradescantia zebrina is commonly referred to as an Inch plant, a wandering Jew (or wandering dude). This is another hard to kill plant that makes quite the statement in a hanging basket. It’s shimmery green leaves are a sharp contrast against it’s rich purple underside. This plant is ridiculously easy to propagate. You really only need an inch (hence its nick name!!) and place it in water until roots form and then plant.

Lots of indirect sunlight. If it’s not getting enough sun, you see the colours fade and it will lose some of it’s shimmer. And no one wants that! This can also happen if it’s getting too much direct sunlight.


Water regularly but allow the first inch to dry out before watering again. In the summer depending on how hot/dry your home is, you could be watering every 3-4 days. In the winter, you’ll want to cut the watering schedule down if your plant is dormant and not growing.
This plant likes rich nutrient soil.


Propagation is really easy with this plant. You just need a cutting that includes a node on the stem. Place it in water to root and once you have some established roots, plant it in soil.


This plant is safe if your furry friends ingest it, however it’s sap can cause some irritation. I’d recommend keeping in a hanging basket out of reach.

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