Hi fellow plant parents!

I’m Ngoc, the creator of Modern Plant Life. I’m an avid traveller, a freelance photographer, a proud Canadian, and although I love plants, I’m kind of really really bad at keeping them alive. In the last 6 months, I’ve gone from being a serial plant killer to a modestly sufficient plant mom. I come from a family of green thumbs and apparently was not born with that gene. A few friends have called me a crazy plant lady and I’m pretty sure people were pretty sick of me sharing plant photos and talking about my plants so the only reasonable thing to do was to start this plant blog so that they can see more of my plants. But in all honesty, I wanted a place to share the things I’ve learned, to journal the progress of my plants and share my plant life with people.

Hope you join me on this journey!

x0 ngoc <- SoundsLikeKnock.com