Sedum morganianum aka Burros tail

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The Sedum morganianum also known as a Burros tail. This succulent is popular and easy to care and looks awesome in hanging baskets or tall planters with it’s long trailing stems hanging down. The long “tails” can be quite heavy and delicate and it’s pretty much impossible to transport or repot without losing a few leaves. You can also try to propagate any fallen leaves to add more fullness to your plant.

Sun – This plant prefers bright shade or partial sun. Try to avoid too much direct sunlight as it can cause the leaves to get sunburnt.

Soil – This succulent needs well draining soil. Recommend using a cactus soil or mixing in sand or perlite. This plant is prone to root rot if it sits in moist soil for too long.

Water – Give it a thorough watering about once every 2 weeks making sure the soil feels completely dry.

Propagation – This plant propagates easily by cutting off a long “tail”, taking off a couple of rows of leaves near the end and then let it callous over. Then plant it right into the soil to root. Each leave can also be propagated.

This plant is non-toxic so it’s safe around your furry friends.

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