Favourite watering cans 2019

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Often, you have limited space in your home for storage so it’s always nice to find pieces that are both functional and can be used as decor. We love these picks for watering cans because they match a wide variety of decor styles and look great on your shelf or out on display and there’s a wide price range to fit varying budgets.

  1. Brushed stainless steel with a long spout from IMEEA
  2. VATTENKRASSE budget friendly ivory and gold watering can by Ikea. So simple and so budget friendly at only $14.99 CAD.
  3. Copper Plated Watering Can by Esschert Design
  4. HPJ watering can with soil aerator – this clean and sleek watering can is by the House Plant Journal. We love that it comes with an aerating stick and is in a beautiful matte black finish.
  5. Haws is well known in the watering can game and we can see why! This specific style comes in a wide range of colours but we’re totally crushing on this blue. It comes with 2 spout options that are interchangeable to accommodate different plants.

Do you have a watering can that you absolutely love? Let me know what your top picks are in the comments.




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