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Neon pothos care

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Pothos can be an unglamorous plant as it is so common, but this neon variety makes quite the eye catching statement.

Like all pothos, it’s fairly easy to care for and super easy to propagate so before buying one yourself, ask around if any of your friends can spare some clippings.

Water: Pothos can typically be grown in just water or you can pot it in soil. When in soil, water so that the soil is all wet and then leave until the soil is fairly dry between watering. In the summer, I wanter mine every 5-7 days and in the winter, it’s been closer to once a week.

Sun: Pothos are tolerate of many situations from bright sun to lower light conditions. I find they are happiest in bright indirect light.

Propagation: Cut a section that has a node on it. Although it can be planted right into the soil, I’m a sucker for water propagation so that I can see the roots forming. You should start to see roots growing in a couple of weeks.

Note: Pothos can be toxic to both children and pets.

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