Sansevieria cylindrica aka cylindrical snake plant

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The Sansevieria cylindrica looks like it’s the beautiful child of a snake plant and lucky bamboo. It grows in long straight “poles” that are often braided. This is a hardy and resilient plant that will thrive even when ignored. It’s another one of those “impossible to kill” plants. This is another plant that can quite frequently be found at Ikea for under 15. I think the one pictured cost me $12.99 at Ikea and it’s already sprouted 4 new pups in the last 6 months.

Sun: Although this plant prefers a lot of indirect light, it is fairly tolerant to brighter or shadier conditions. Avoid direct sunlight though as your plant may get sunburnt and it’s leaves may turn yellow.
Water: This little guy is pretty drought resistant and only needs a bit of water during the winter (maybe once a month) and weekly or every other week in the summer. Check that soil is completely dry before watering again.
Soil: Use a well draining cactus soil or perlite/sand mixed in soil.
Propagation: You’ll often see pups but they’ll have more leaves compared to it’s parent. The little pups can be separated once they reach a decent size but if you want the smooth look of the parent stalk, you may need to purchase a new plant.
Toxicity: Sansevieria cylindrica is toxic to cats and dogs so maybe best to avoid if your fur babies are also plant chompers.

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  1. William Reply April 4, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Added it to my list of plant reads. Love the shirts!

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    Love this plant!

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    love finding other passionate plant parents. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

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    Thanks for the tips!


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