DIY painted terra cotta pots

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I’ve found that my succulents and cactus survive best in terra cotta pots but the clay coloured pots didn’t really suit the decor of my home. Armed with a paint brush, some acrylic paint and modge podge, you can transform these pots to suit your design preference.

Step 1: Make sure your terra cotta pots are clean and remove any stickers/prices attached.

2. I used acrylic paint but other paints would probably work as well.

3. I painted a coat and let it dry before painting on a second one to ensure full coverage. On the inside of the pot, just to the top part that will be visible but don’t paint the part that is covered with soil. This will allow the terracotta to soak up any of the extra water.

4. This next step is optional but if you’re feeling extra creative, you can draw designs, put dots, stripes, etc. In my case, I wanted crisp triangles so I taped off the areas I didn’t want painted and used it as a guide to paint on big black triangles.

5. Once the paint is dry, you can use a clear acrylic spray or mode modge to seal in the paint.


TA DA!! Look at how happy my plant babies look in their new homes.

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