Monstera deliciosa aka Swiss cheese plant

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Monstera deliciosa is also known as a swiss cheese plant because of it’s characteristic slits and holes. This tropical plant is native to southern Mexico and Panama. This plant is fairly easy to grow inside and with proper care, it will reward you with lots of slits and holes.

Sun – A lot of bright indirect sunlight. Giving it too much direct sunlight could result in sunburn to the leaves. If the plant is receiving light from one main direction, it’s best to rotate it every few weeks to ensure all angles of the plant receive the light it needs.

Soil – This tropical jungle plant needs rich, nutrient dense soil that holds some moisture without being soggy.

Water – Water about once a week or when the top inch or 2 of soil feels dry. Give it a thorough watering. Since it likes humidity, you can also mist it every day if you’re in a dry climate.

Propagation – This plant propagates easily through leaf cuttings. Just cut off a leaf below the node and leave it in water to root. Once roots form, you can plant it in rich soil.

This plant produces aerial roots that help hold it up in nature by clinging on to it’s surroundings. In your home, you can use a trellis, moss poles or stakes to help prop up the leaves to encourage it to grow up rather than out.

This plant is toxic to cats so be cautious about bringing this plant homeĀ if your furry friend likes chomping on leaves.

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