Plant care – crassula coccinea “campfire”

By ngoc nguyen

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The crassula coccinea campfire is a gorgeous succulent, known for it’s bright red colour when it’s happy and healthy. It likes lots of sunlight however, if it doesn’t get enough sunlight, you’ll find that it’s bright red colour will start to fade. This succulent grows with stacked layers and will continue to grow up rather than outwards.

Sun: Although this plant prefers a lot of light, it may tolerate indirect sunlight. You may however lose it’s beautiful red colour if it’s not getting enough sun.

Water: This little guy is pretty drought resistant and only needs watering weekly or every other week in the summer. You can cut down watering to about once a month in the winter time when it’s dormant. Check that soil is completely dry before watering again.

Soil: Use a well draining cactus soil or perlite/sand mixed in soil.

Propagation: As with many succulents, you can propagate via a single leaf cutting, or by a stem cutting.

crassula coccinea in a handmade cement pot

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