Plants for cat lovers

If you think that you can’t let your inner plant parent shine because you’re sharing your home with a furry cat baby, you can try introducing one of these low maintenance, and budget friendly plants into your home. Friendly reminder that although these plants are non-toxic to your cat, it’s probably not great for your […]

Tradescantia zebrina – aka Inch plant

The tradescantia zebrina is commonly referred to as an Inch plant, a wandering Jew (or wandering dude). This is another hard to kill plant that makes quite the statement in a hanging basket. It’s shimmery green leaves are a sharp contrast against it’s rich purple underside. This plant is ridiculously easy to propagate. You really only […]

Sedum morganianum aka Burros tail

The Sedum morganianum also known as a Burros tail. This succulent is popular and easy to care and looks awesome in hanging baskets or tall planters with it’s long trailing stems hanging down. The long “tails” can be quite heavy and delicate and it’s pretty much impossible to transport or repot without losing a few leaves. You can […]

Hello plant world!

Hi! I’m Ngoc and I’m a passionate new plant mom who started this site as a way to share my journey in the plant world. I’m hoping to feature different local plant stores, show some cool plant inspired DIYs, and of course, share the progress of my plants and tips I learn along the way. […]